AYURVEDIC HERBSDEODARU - Morphology, Therapeutic Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, and Dosages

DEODARU – Morphology, Therapeutic Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, Precautions, Interactions, and Dosages

Cedrus deodara
Family: Pinaceae

Habitat / place of origin

This is a species of cedar native to the Himalayas.

Biological classification

  • Kingdom: Plantae
  • Subkingdom: Viridiplantae
  • Division: Tracheophyta 
  • Subdivision: Spermatophytina –
  • Class: Pinopsida
  • Subclass: Pinidae
  • Order: Pinales 
  • Family: Pinaceae
  • Genus: Cedrus
  • Species: Cedrus deodara

Introduction To Deodaru

Cedrus deodara, the deodar cedar, Himalayan cedar, or deodaru, a common name, is derived from the Sanskrit term devadāru, which means “wood of the gods”, a compound of deva “god” and dāru “wood and tree”.

Synonyms of Deodaru

Sanskrit  :  Devdaru , Bhdradaru , Surubhuruhu , Amara , Devahvaya

Assamese:  Devadaru Gachh

Bengali: Devdaru

English: Deodar, Himalaya Cedar

Gujarati: Devdaar

Hindi: Devdaar, Diar , Diyar 

Kannada: Deevdar

Malyalam: Devadaru , Devdaram , Devataram

Marathi: Deodar

Oriya:  Debadaru , Mahadaru , Amara Taru , Debadaru

Punjabi:  Diyaar

Tamil :  Devdaru , Tevataram , Tunu Maram

Telugu:  Devdari

Unani:  Diyar , Daevdar

Morphology of Deodaru

It is about 250 feet high.

Stem: Stem is about 30m high upto 3m at breath diameter . branches are facing downwards and grow in a cone shape manner.

Leaves :  Conical pointed green coloured which stable for 3-5 years without falling.

Flower:  Monoecious plant.

Fruit :  4-5 inches long and 3-4 inches wide circular , spinous . seeds are brown coloured cone shaped or circular.

Flowering time: October – November

Fruiting time : October -December

Medicinal Parts of Deodaru

Extract of stem and oil.

Plant variety of Deodaru

It has following varieties :

  • C. atlantica
  • C. brevifolia
  • C. deodara
  • C. libani

Chemical Composition of Deodaru

Main components includes oil α-Terpineol (30.3%) , Linalool (24.47%), Anethole (14.57%). Caryophyllene(3.14%) And Eugenol . It Contain Lignans And The Phenolic Sesquiterpene Himasecolone , Together With Isopimaric . And Cedeodarine , Cedrin , Cedrinoside . Isohimachalone. 

Ayurvedic Properties

Rasa (Taste) :   Tikta

Guna (Quality) : Laghu , Snigdha

Virya (Potency) : Ushna

Vipak (Post Digestive Effect): Katu   

Karma (Pharmacological Actions) of Deodaru

Datukarma: It Reduces The Kapha-Vata Shamak

Sansthanik Karma (General Indications): Shothahar , Vednasathapan , Kushthaghan , Kirimighan , Varan Shodhan , Varanropan

Nadisansthan (Cns): Vednasathapan

Pachnasansthan (Digestive System): Deepan , Pachan , Kirimighan , Anuliman

Raktvahsansthan (Cvs): Hridya Uttejak , Raktparsadak ,

Swasansanthan (Respiratory System): Kaphnisarak , Saleshmputihar , Hikkanigrahan

Mutravahsansthan (Urinary System): Mutrajanana , Premehghan ,

Prajanana Sansthan (Respiratory System ): Garbhashaya Shodhan, Satnay Shodhana

Tavcha (Skin): Kushthaghan

Tapkarma : Swedjanana , Jawarghan


Qualities/Effects on Tridosha of Deodaru

It reduces the kapha dosha by ushna and tikta , and also reduces the vata dosha by snigdha and ushna guna. 


  • Devdarvaadi kwath
  • Devdarvaadi churna

Therapeutic Uses of Deodaru

  • It is indicated in kapha vata diseases.
  • It is indicated in joint pain.
  • Oil is indicated for different healing process. 
  • It is indicated on wounds.
  • It is indicated in arthritis , headache.
  • Indicated in indigestion. 
  • Indicated abdominal distension. 
  • In constipation.
  • In worm infestations.
  • Indicated as blood purifier .
  • For blood disorders.
  • Also indicated in swelling .
  • Elephantiasis.
  • Indicated in old cough , rhinitis .
  • Indicated in hiccups.
  • Used dysuria.
  • In diabetes.
  • Breast diseases and in puerperal disorders.
  • Indicated in different skin disorders.
  • Indicated in fever.
  • Indicated in obesity.


  • Powder= 3-6gm 
  • Oil= 20-60 Drops

How can you consume Deodaru?

It is used as oil , powder , kwath and in different formulations in Ayurveda . It is used in the form of lepa.

Benefits of Deodaru

  • Used in cough and cold
  • Used in asthma
  • Used in osteoarthritis
  • Used in obesity
  • It used as anti wrinkle , aging and on dry skin
  • Used for wound healing
  • Used in urticaria
  • Strengthen the body and boost the immune system against many disease
  • Protects the nervous and brain damage
  • It also lightens the skin and skin tissue
  • Increase the tone of skin
  • It has soothing and sedative effects
  • Manages the anxiety , insomnia , fear , depression
  • Have calming activity
  • Reduces the nature of epilepsy , seizures and loss of awareness
  • Anti allergic and anti inflammatory properties
  • Treats the wounds and pruritus
  • It is natural blood purifier
  • Used in fungal infection in case when mixed with guggulu
  • Helps in treatment of syphilis
  • Effective in constipation
  • Enhances the peristaltic movement of intestine
  • Abdominal pain , muscles , cramps , intestinal contraction
  • Used in haemorrhoids and blood clots
  • Used in chronic diarrhea
  • Used in swelling , pain and in difficulty in movements
  • Treats the arthritis
  • Used in joint pain
  • Used in treatment of TB
  • Used cold and cough
  • Used in asthma
  • Controls fever
  • Improves the liver functions
  • Used in sepsis
  • Used purpura and dysuria
  • Chronic kidney failure
  • Relieves backache effective in uterine dysfunction , amenorrhoea , leucorrhoea , anovulation , dysmenorrhea
  • Controls obesity
  • Treats hair loss
  • Also used in fungal infections

Side Effects

It can cause allergic reactions.

Safety Precautions of Deodaru

  • Avoid the use in breastfeeding and pregnancy.
  • Use after mixing with coconut oil if having a hypersensitive skin.
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